About Thornsen StreetLab

Thornsen StreetLab is an experimental project showcasing actual streets throughout Houston and the Houston Area that have been reenvisioned by Jesse Thornsen to strike a better balance between mobility, access, safety, and placemaking. These streets are reenvisioned to take into account all roadway users including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and cars. The street reenvisioning process on Thornsen StreetLab is influenced by a number factors including personal observation, community character, transportation network needs, right-of-way availability, identified future capital improvement plan projects, major thoroughfare plans, public desires, environmental factors, and more. Occasionally proposed street designs by others will be reviewed and critiqued.

Readers can expect to see one new street vision every week on Thornsen StreetLab. All street vision diagrams and descriptions are conceptual and are for discussion purposes only. Every street vision created on Thornsen StreetLab is created by Jesse Thornsen unless otherwise stated.

About Jesse Thornsen, AICP, LEED Green Assoc.

Jesse is a Transportation Planner in Houston, Texas. He has a diverse background in land use planning, site design, community development, transportation planning, urban design, parking management, and graphic design. Jesse has a passion for urban planning and design, but more importantly, the positive difference good planning and design can make in our communities. This passion drives him to continually improve his knowledge and refine his skills so that he can better understand and improve the economic, social, and environmental aspects of the built environment that we live in.