8th Wonder Woonerf

Details (Future):

Green-01 Shared Travel Space | A 20′ wide shared travel space at the same level of the pedestrian space will encourage drivers to travel more slowly and carefully since there is no clear definition of the travel lane. Introducing bends into the shared travel space will also have the same effect.

Green-02 Seating | Seating should be plentiful along the woonerf to encourage people to use and stay in the space.

Green-03 Landscaping | Landscaping can make the woonerf attractive, calm traffic, and even play a role in retaining and filtering stormwater during rainfall.

Green-04  Varying Paving Materials | Varying the color of paving materials will give strong visual cues to where vehicles may be present and where they are allowed to park.

Green-05 Bicycle Parking | Places to park your bike at NRG Park are few and far between. There is an existing separated bike path along Holly Hall St. Bicyclists using this facility and arriving via METRO Rail will need plenty of spots to park their bikes.

Green-06 Marked Entry | Clear signage should be displayed at the entry of the woonerf to warn drivers of the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists and inform them that the woonerf is a shared space.

Green-07 Outdoor Living Rooms | The combination of travelway bends, landscaping, and building shape will create opportunities for outdoor living rooms. These are little pockets of space where people can gather and have conversation, play games, or simply people watch.

Green-08 Building Step Down | The Astrodome will complete the terminating vista at the end of the woonerf. To accentuate its presence the new development height should stair step down as it gets closer to the Astrodome.



Currently plans are in the works to raise the floor of the Astrodome to match the surrounding grade, below will be two levels of parking. Whatever the future may hold for the Astrodome, a stronger connection to the surrounding transportation network will benefit the revamped site.

A connection to the Astrodome and NRG Park can be made with a woonerf. The primary function of this woonerf (or living street) is less about moving vehicles through at high volumes and more about creating a space that people utilizing all forms of transportation can enjoy. During large events, such as the Super Bowl, the woonerf could easily by shut down to all vehicles and serve as a large plaza. Food trucks could utilize the existing parking spots along the woonerf to serve spectators.


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