Turney Drive

Details (Future):

Green-01 Center Turn Lane | If access to SH 249 becomes restricted along the corridor, driveway openings will shift to Turney Drive. As commercial driveway openings start to pop up along the south side of Turney, a center turn lane will help move traffic along the corridor.

Green-02 Greenscape/Furnishing Zone | This zone will give pedestrians a comfortable 5′ buffer between them and vehicular traffic and allow for landscaping opportunities.

Green-03 3′ Buffer | A 3′ buffer will allow car doors to swing open from the parking stalls without entering the path of the multi-use trail users.

Green-04  Rear-Loaded Residential | Residential development along this corridor could face the multi-use trail to promote more eyes on the street and have its vehicular access along the rear of the property via an alley or shared driveway. Removing driveway openings along the north side of the corridor will reduce the amount of vehicular conflicts with pedestrians and bicyclists.



The reenvisioned Turney Drive presented here is a future oriented design that takes into account a more complete transportation network. Currently SH 249 (immediately south of Turney Drive) is a 7 lane road (3 lanes in each direction with a continuous turn lane) that handles a high volume of traffic and is riddled with many driveway openings. A managed access approach would help improve mobility for all roadway users along the SH 249 corridor. This can be achieved by restricting future driveway openings and slowly consolidating existing ones.

Instead of completely eliminating access to parcels along the SH 249 corridor, rear access to these parcels can be provided via a parallel network of “backage” streets (see Access Layout diagram above). Located about 675′ off of SH 249, Turney Drive would be a good candidate to provide this rear access to parcels along SH 249.

The concept envisioned here has the potential to not only serve all transportation users better, it also has the ability to enable a new development pattern. Instead of big box stores with large parking lots in front, a variety of uses utilizing shared parking tucked behind buildings is possible.


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