Airline Drive @ Canino

Details (After):

Green-01 Aluminium Fence | An aluminium fence along the length of the median would direct pedestrians to the safest place to cross.

Green-02 HAWK Beacon | A HAWK beacon (High-Intensity Activated crossWalK beacon) is a traffic control device used to stop road traffic and allow pedestrians to cross safely. These beacons can be placed at each crosswalk location.

Green-03 Curb Zone | The curb zone has a few functions. First, it would act as a buffer between the cars/trucks on Airline Drive and the sidewalk. Second, it would be a designated place for utility poles, light posts, fire hydrants, and any other obstructions. Third, trees could be located here to provide some much needed shade along the corridor.

Green-04  Staggered Pedestrian Island | Staggered pedestrian islands would be beneficial along this stretch of Airline Drive because a large volume of truck traffic exists and vehicular traffic tends to speed through this corridor. Staggered pedestrian islands provide a larger waiting area and could accommodate a whole family crossing the street. They also require pedestrians to physically turn their bodies and face oncoming traffic before crossing the street.

Green-05 Driveway Consolidation | Fewer driveway openings means fewer occurrences of vehicles crossing over sidewalks and coming into conflict with pedestrians.

Green-06 Landscaped Median | A solid median located along this stretch enables the placement of the staggered pedestrian islands as well as reduces the amount of vehicular turning conflicts that could occur along this corridor. Good landscaping can improve the pedestrian realm and provide some economic benefits to the area.



If you have ever been to Canino Produce or the open-air produce stalls located behind Canino you may have noticed it can be a frightening experience crossing Airline Drive to get your Mini Conchas. The reenvisioned Airline Drive attempts to make that crossing experience safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

In addition to a concentration of businesses located along this stretch of Airline Drive, the 56 Airline/Montrose bus route, which is a part of METRO’s frequent network, travels along this corridor. These two characteristics as well as the uniqueness of this area make pedestrian improvements even more important.

If this treatment looks familiar it’s because the same treatment is applied 6 miles north on Airline Drive at the large flea markets. That section of Airline Drive was improved as a part of H-GAC’s Airline Improvement District Pedestrian and Bicyclist Special District Study.



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